About Lupus Together

More than 1.5 million Americans and millions more worldwide suffer from lupus—a disease for which there is no known cause, few medicines, and no cure.

Finally now, after decades of little action, things are happening. The community is seeing unprecedented interest from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that translates into dozens of companies interested in lupus and even more trials for lupus patients. As few as seven or eight years ago, there were just two to three trials in progress. Today there are 12 to 15.

In recent years, more and more pharmaceutical and biotech companies have developed new lupus treatments and are conducting clinical trials. That’s why it is important to be informed about the clinical trial process and carefully weigh the pros and cons of participating in one.

Finding a safe and effective medicine for lupus is our best hope for stopping the destruction of this disease.

What is the goal of this program?

To get as many people enrolled in clinical trials for lupus as possible, so that the lupus community can finally get some answers on prevention, treatments, and a cure.

Who are we trying to reach?

All people with lupus in America, including women, children, and men.

Who is sponsoring the Initiative?

The Lupus Research Institute and its National Coalition of supportive organizations nationwide.

National Coalition

The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) works with patient groups across the country through its National Coalition of members and partners. Each of these independent organizations backs the research efforts of the LRI and also provides social services and educational programs for people with lupus in the local area.

If you are looking for a clinical trial in your area, ask your doctor and/or search for one with the tools provided on the Find a Clinical Trial page.

If you are looking for help with lupus in your area, such as a support group or names of lupus doctors in your area, visit the website of your LRI National Coalition affiliate, listed below.

S.L.E. Lupus Foundation
(New York)

Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York

Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens

Lupus and Allied Diseases Association, Inc.

Lupus Foundation of Colorado

Lupus Foundation of Florida

Lupus Foundation of New England

Lupus Foundation of Northern California

Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania

Lupus Foundation of Southern California

Lupus Foundation of Southern New York

Lupus LA

Lupus Society of Illinois

Lupus Support Network

Michigan Lupus Foundation


Who We Are

People with lupus.
Rheumatologists and other physicians. 
Public health officials. 
Drug developers.
The Lupus Research Institute.
Lupus foundations nationwide.

Together, we can aim to change how sick lupus makes you. Let's try.

“There’s little question that the outlook for lupus patients is terrific. But patients have to get involved. They have to do their part. So get involved. Ask your doctor what is happening in the development process for new therapies.”

–Richard Furie, MD