Dynamic Imaging of Variation in Lupus Nephritis (DIVINE)

This multicenter trial is using a variety of kidney imaging tools, including magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate and monitor the kidneys of patients with lupus nephritis (LN) to determine if these non-invasive tools could replace surgical biopsy. To Learn More Contact Rebecca Bender at 434-477-2675 or rebeccabender@ampel.org ClinicalTrials.gov identifier: NCT03180021 …

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Aurinia Renal Assessments 2: Aurinia Renal Response in Lupus With Voclosporin (AURORA2)

The purpose of thisPhase 3 study is assess the long-term safety and tolerability of voclosporin compared with placebo for up to an additional 24 months following completion of treatment in the AURORA 1 study in subjects with lupus nephritis (LN). To Learn More Contact Antonia Coeshall at 441962715493 or acoeshall@auriniapharma.com Laura Lisk at (0)7790555604 or llisk@auriniapharma.com …

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