The clinical study stopped before enrolling its first participant. Source: ClinicalTrials.gov …

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Trial sponsor

A person, company, institution, group, or organization that oversees or pays for a clinical trial and collects and analyzes the data. Also called clinical trial sponsor. Source: NCI …

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The clinical study has stopped recruiting or enrolling participants early and will not start again. Participants are no longer being examined or treated. Source: ClinicalTrials.gov …

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The clinical study has stopped recruiting or enrolling participants early, but it may start again. Source: ClinicalTrials.gov …

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Sub-acute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (SCLE)

As with SLE, Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (SCLE) occurs primarily in young to middle aged women. SCLE is highly photosensitive, with 70-90% of patients meeting the ACR definition of abnormal photosensitivity. Source: NIH.gov …

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Study Type

Describes the nature of a clinical study, such as interventional studies (also called clinical trials), observational studies, and expanded access. Source: NCI …

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Study Documents

Refers to the type of documents that the study sponsor or PI may add to their study record. These include a study protocol, statistical analysis plan, and an informed consent form. Source: ClinicalTrials.gov …

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Study Design

The investigative methods and strategies used in the clinical study. Source: ClinicalTrials.gov …

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